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Can you sell Danish water solutions and build partnerships in Silicon Valley? The Water Technology Alliance, working out of Innovation Center Denmark in Silicon Valley, is looking for a Junior Commercial advisor to join our team as soon as possible. The Water Technology Alliance is a Danish partnership of water technology providers, utilities and public authorities with […]


Written by Søren Juul Jørgensen, CEO at Innovation Center Denmark, Silicon Valley   10 years ago, in June 2006, the Danish bridge into Silicon Valley was established as we opened the Danish Innovation Center in Silicon Valley Much has happened since then, and we have learned and developed our network, knowledge and services. The first […]


  10 Years of bridging Denmark & Silicon Valley On June 2, ICDK held a grand celebration party in BoConcept’s showroom in San Francisco. More than 250 people, both Danish and American stakeholders of the center, showed up and celebrated with us. The evening was e.g. constituted by a fireside chat, final pitches of the […]

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In honor of our 10th anniversary in Silicon Valley, we have put together some of our greatest (newer) achievements and results.  


Can you sell Danish IT and build partnerships in Silicon Valley ? Do you want to build partnerships between Danish and American innovators ? Innovation Centre Denmark, Silicon Valley, is looking for a consultant to join our team this summer. The successful applicant will join a team of more than 20 experienced colleagues working with […]

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Innovation Center Denmark turned 10 years June 2nd. Today, the center is considered a competent, well respected and stronghold for innovation, entrepreneurship and Danish interests in Silicon Valley. A great deal of the center’s success is thanks to the previous CEO’s as ICDK is highly dependent upon the efforts and abilities of its CEO and employees.  This blog presents greetings […]

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Written by Søren Gyde Sønnichsen with great input from David Yerger from Many people heard about Bitcoin in late 2013 when the so-called Cryptocurrency suddenly surged over 700% in value within less than 2 months, making early investors overnight millionaires. The following 2 years Bitcoin shook off almost 80 % of the peak value, while […]

Event image Decoding Silicon Valley

Book Launch Yesterday, we had the pleasure of hosting a book launch event of Decoding Silicon Valley: The Insider’s Guide in Palo Alto. Many people, both Danish and American, showed up to hear the authors, Michelle Messina and Jonathan Baer, talk about their new book and to get books signed. It was an interesting evening with a small ‘fireside chat’ by the […]

Minister for Higher Education and Science visiting ICDK

  On April 3-4, Minister for Higher Education & Science, Ulla Tørnæs, paid a visit in the Valley. Here is a summary of some of the great activities the Minister went to during her stay in Silicon Valley:   1. DANISH AMERICAN FRONTIER AWARD 2016 2. OPENING CEREMONY FOR VILLUM CENTER FOR SCIENCE OF SUSTAINABLE […]

Interns spring 2016

In February, four new interns arrived to the ICDK office in Silicon Valley and will stay here until August 1, 2016. They are really excited to be here and promise to contribute with a lot of great stories from the Valley. Here is a short presentation of the new ICDK kids: Bergliot Borg Christensen / Research & Development Intern: My name is Bergliot, and […]

future of work

Innovation Centre Denmark cordially invites you to an afternoon in the company of Alex Goldman from Institute for the Future, San Francisco Bay Area, who will present research on the Future of Work and Organizations. Alex will present on the geopolitical issues and impact of this new world of work, the nuances and implications for governments, […]

Smart buildings

Smart Buildings event, Feb 16 2016, hosted by VLAB in Silicon Valley. By Andreas Rafn & Stine Drøgemüller SMART BUILDINGS AND DATA-DRIVEN OFFICE SPACE Smart Building technology using Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics allows companies to design and operate intelligent work environments. This technology can be a necessity to implement in order to […]

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