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Søren Hermansen at ICDK on Nov 12th

The Danish island Samsø is running on 100% renewable energy and is an inspiring example of how to manage the green transition  This November, ICDK had the great pleasure of welcoming the CEO of the world’s only 100% renewable energy society. His name is Søren Hermansen, and he leads the Samsø Energy Academy on the small island […]

Fin Tech

According to Goldman Sachs, $4.7 trillion in revenue for traditional financial services is at risk of being displaced by new technology-enabled entrants. By Anders Christjansen, Senior Advisor, Innovation Center Denmark, Silicon Valley According to industry insiders, the changes in the financial industry over the coming 10-15 years are expected to be more profound than what […]


The Danish startup Be My Eyes has a lot of traction in Silicon Valley. We had a chance to talk with Christian Erfurt, CEO, about the story of Be My Eyes and what lies ahead.    In January this year, a team of talented Danish entrepreneurs launched the app “Be My Eyes” for iOS devices. […]

Martin B. Pedersen, new Consultant at ICDK

Martin Broch Pedersen has over the last 20 years worked extensively with technology and healthcare, both locally and globally. He has participated in two successful startups as well as worked as a CEO for another Danish start-up, Configit. Passion for focusing on a company’s core competences and making teams excel, as well as the ability […]


One of the big clichés about Silicon Valley corporations is that they are extremely good at being innovative. They hire the best people, pay them the highest salaries and constantly launch new, cutting-edge products. But do these products actually come from in-house innovation? Contrary to popular belief outside the valley, Google’s only original, disruptive technology […]


XPLOREit is the new corporate innovation service powered by Innovation Centre Denmark in Silicon Valley. XPLOREit is designed to help you accelerate your innovation capabilities. Through the three phases of EXPLORE, ENGAGE and ESTABLISH we will challenge your current ways of conducting innovation regardless of the innovation happening in your R&D department. Focus is your […]


What is the next crazy idea that will be spun out of Silicon Valley as a massive, multi-billion dollar company? Do you think it could be a social media platform like Imgur, which has successfully managed to have millions of users request more advertisement from Walmart? Or what about an Air B’n’B for sea vessels, […]

an illustration of the time machine runs to the sunset in the backdrop of history

How will the world look like in 26 years from now in terms of technology? If you let your imagination run wild, you might be able to come up with some quite adventurous and out-of-this-world ideas. However, a reasonable assumption would be that you – as most others – are wrong due to the complexity […]

English books

In general, Danes speak English very well. In fact, Denmark was ranked number one in the 2014 EF English Proficiency Index, which ranks non-native speaking countries based on the average level of English skills among adults. But despite Danes mastering the English language, some linguistic pitfalls are inevitable. These are traps most non-native speakers will […]


The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (DASTI) has concluded an agreement with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The agreement will give access to one of the world’s leading research environments for some of the brilliant Danish ph.d.-students and postdocs in biotechnology and pharmaceutics. The agreement between New England’s prestigious university and DASTI gives […]


On Wednesday, September 23rd, Elon Musk, charismatic CEO of Silicon Valley based Tesla Motors, was in Denmark to visit with the Danish Tesla Motors team, among other things. Currently, Tesla is driving towards breaking its own Danish sales record in terms of the number of electric vehicles sold within a year. But despite a growing […]

The new report “2015 SCALEit Survey Report” documents that the Danish incubator program in Silicon Valley, SCALEit, creates great results and value for young Danish tech companies by helping them grow, develop their potential, and create key contacts in Silicon Valley. During a jam-packed week, the SCALEit-participants are introduced to potential investors, advisors, partners, customers, and clients, which […]

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