Introducing FinTech Academy

FinTech Academy Flyer
FinTech Academy info meeting March 28th

Innovation Center Denmark and Copenhagen FinTech invite Danish Entrepreneurs and Executives within the FinTech sphere to participate in FinTech Academy 2017.

The academy is designed to let you explore and exploit the thriving FinTech sphere in Denmark and Silicon Valley.

Overall, the academy consists of a series of learning activities such as:

  • Webinars and presentations from influential FinTech experts
  • Sessions with top tier Silicon Valley investors and FinTech companies
  • Facilitated workshops and feedback-sessions with like-minded FinTech Entrepreneurs and Executives
  • A week-long learning lab in Silicon Valley

The academy strives to facilitate an open and thought-provoking environment where participating Entrepreneurs and Executives can learn, connect and collaborate to explore potential partnerships and growth opportunities.

Get to know more at

FinTech Academy introduction meeting

On the 28th of March we invite you all to join us at Copenhagen FinTech Lab or online, where we will present FinTech Academy 2017, and provide you with an overview of the US FinTech market.

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Will you be Denmark’s first Tech Ambassador?

ICDK Team and UM

With tech companies grossing higher than some countries GDPs, the Danish Foreign ministry has decided that their influence warrants the appointment of an ambassador to work with them.

ICDK Team and UM
ICDK Team with UM Anders Samuelsen, on TechPlomacy visit in Silicon Valley

The new Tech Ambassador role is the first of its kind in the world, and part of the #TechPlomacy strategy which Anders Samuelsen discussed during his recent trip to Silicon Valley.

The role has been widely covered in the both the Danish national, and international press, including stories by Fortune, CNN, Foreign Policy, Washington Post, NPR, and TNW.

To learn more about the role, and to apply visit

Singularity University establishes new organisation in Denmark

The acknowledged think tank and educational institution Singularity University from Silicon Valley has chosen Denmark as location for its next collaborative venture. The new organisation, operating under the name SingularityU Denmark, will be located in a 5000m2 innovative environment in Copenhagen Science City and is expected to boost digitisation, innovation and entrepreneurship in Denmark.

Singularity DK
Singularity DK

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Anders Samuelsen, welcomes Singularity University to Denmark and predicts good prospects for the new innovation hub:

“When I visited Silicon Valley last week Singularity University was the first item on my agenda – and with good reason. SU bridges the gap between global challenges and technological solutions, which is important for us if we want to keep one step ahead of the future.

I am immensely pleased that SU has chosen Denmark as new innovation hub and the only second location outside Silicon Valley. It underlines that Denmark is world leading when it comes to innovation and digitisation. I am convinced that SingularityU Denmark will contribute to creating a dynamic hub for entrepreneurs, companies and researchers and prepare Denmark for the future.”

SingularityU Denmark will offer a number of educational and innovation programmes that combine the latest within exponential technology with future business areas.

According to Singularity University’s Global CEO, Rob Nail, who recently participated in the Danish government’s Disruption Council, it is no coincidence that Denmark is chosen as location for the new hub:

“Denmark is a recognized global leader in many areas of technology, including green tech, biotech, pharmaceutical sciences, telecommunications, IT, design and we all know the successes born in Denmark: LEGO, Universal Robots and Skype, to name a few. Our intent with the new business venture is to build on these achievements and create new opportunities. I was told that LEGO is short for “leg godt,” and SU wants to “play well” in Denmark.

Laila Pawlak, CEO for the new SingularityU Denmark, adds:

Being able to announce SingularityU Denmark is a huge recognition of our country. It gives us not only an opportunity to strengthen the Danish business community, it also creates a unique international position for Denmark.”  

The educational programmes will have expert faculty selected from within Scandinavia and around the world. Large corporations, SME’s, start-ups and public organisations are able to enter partnerships with SingularityU Denmark and get access to customized programs.

Innovation Centre Denmark in Silicon Valley and Invest in Denmark have close ties with Singularity University and are supporting the establishment of SingularityU Denmark.

Interns Wanted for Fall 2017!

Intern Advert
Interns wanted for fall 2017

Twice annually, Innovation Centre Denmark offers students enrolled in a Danish masters program the opportunity to join our team in Palo Alto for a six-month internship.

There are four positions available in the fields of Investment, Corporations, Marketing, and R&D. We’ve previously welcomed candidates from a wide range of studies ranging from business, to political science, and beyond.  

Applications for our fall program are accepted until March 15th, and the deadline for spring applications is September 15th.

We encourage you to read more about the positions at ICDK SV Internships Fall 2017 and apply by emailing

Four new Innovation Associates join ICDK_SV

2017 Spring Nanna, Silje, Emilia, Clara
(L-R) Nanna, Silje, Emilia, Clara

Nanna Dalgaard: Innovation & Investment Associate +1(650) 334-6093 LinkedIn

Nanna Dalgaard is doing her internship with ICDK as a part of her Master’s degree in Political Science at the University of Copenhagen. She has a background in the financial industry and prior to her internship, she was with the Confederation of Danish Industries. Here she worked to make Denmark a digital frontrunner, by guiding Danish enterprises to implement digital business models and pushing to make Danish regulatory framework more agile, to fit the new ways of doing business.

Through her studies and prior work experiences, Nanna developed an interest for how enterprises, corporates as well as SME’s, relate and adapt to the digitization and disruption of almost all industries. Working for ICDK, Nanna will be enrolled in both the SCALEit team and the Invest in Denmark team, thereby working within the intersection of both small and large companies, as well as collaborations between the private and the public sector. Nanna is looking forward to experiencing the unique ecosystem in Silicon Valley, getting a more international outlook, and gathering innovative inspiration and ideas to bring home to the Danish Business Community.

Silje B. Lundsteen: Innovation & Corporate Associate +1 (650) 334-6259 LinkedIn

Along with the three other interns, Silje joined Innovation Center Denmark February 1st. Silje comes from a corporate background in the pharmaceutical industry, and in line with both her past experience and her interests, she will join the Innovation Centre’s corporate platform, XploreIT.
Through her studies in Communication and IT at Copenhagen University, Silje has developed an interest in how corporate organizations utilize the powers of technology and how they can harvest innovating initiatives to benefit their business. The fast paced environment of Silicon Valley area motivates Silje to explore how start-ups and corporate organizations can learn from each other while also challenging Silje herself to experience new technologies and business models. Silje is especially interested in how the, at times rigid and well-tested, processes of corporate firms can co-exist with the agile and innovating process of start-ups and technology development; a challenge she is ready to explore together with Innovation Centre Denmark Silicon Valley and the XploreIT team.

Emilia Flockhart: Innovation & Marketing Associate +1 (650) 272-9510 LinkedIn

After almost a decade working with content strategy, marketing, and communications in both Scandinavia and the UK, Emilia has joined the Innovation Center Denmark in Silicon Valley as part of her masters degree at Copenhagen Business School where she is studying International Business Communication, with a focus on Intercultural Marketing.

She is particularly interested in how companies can incorporate CSR and more importantly CSV (Creating Shared Value), into their core business model, and how this can be used as marketing narrative.

A self-proclaimed tech enthusiast, Emilia has found her spiritual home in the Bay Area. She is excited to be on the ground reporting about the newest innovations coming out of the Valley, and following the collaborative journeys between Danish startups and researchers and those already in the Valley.

Clara Siboni Lund: Research & Development Associate +1 (650) 334 6297 LinkedIn

Clara Siboni Lund is doing her internship in the Research & Development team as part of her Master’s degree in political science at Aarhus University. She has a background within consultancy services as an analysis assistant at the Danish Technological Institute, working within social innovation and the intersection between the fields of innovation, education, and the labour market.

Clara is very curious and excited about the months to come – especially looking forward to gaining knowledge about how cutting-edge research is conducted in Silicon Valley and how the field of research interacts and collaborates with the industry.
As Research & Development Associate Clara will be working closely with the research attaché on establishing networks between Danish and Californian research communities and promoting Danish research and innovation.

Twice annually, Innovation Centre Denmark offers students enrolled in a Danish masters program the opportunity to join our team in Palo Alto for a six-month internship. Applications for our fall program are accepted until March 15th, and the deadline for spring applications is September 15th.
More information can be found on our blog.
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