Apple builds large data center in Denmark

Mogens Jensen & Torsten Nielsen

Apple has announced the establishment of one of the world’s largest data centers in Denmark.

The new 166.000 square meter data center, the equivalent of 25 soccer fields, is to be located in Viborg in Western Denmark and will be powered by renewable energy. Surplus heating will furthermore be recycled in the local district heating system, thereby minimizing negative environmental impact. It is estimated that the surplus heat generated by the data center, approximately 300,000MW, will be enough to heat the entire city of Viborg.

Denmark’s renewable energy policy and strong clean tech cluster have played an important role in the investment decision. “Apple is universally recognized as one of the world’s leading companies with a long track record of developing cutting-edge products and services. I am delighted that Denmark can offer an innovative and sustainable data centre solution, powered by renewable energy,” says Mogens Jensen, Denmark’s Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation.

Apple’s biggest European investment

Apple’s new data center will be located in Viborg municipality and constructed over a ten year period, along with a similar data center to be located in Ireland. Together, the two new data centers will be among the largest data centers in the world. The total value of the investment exceeds one billion euro, Apple’s biggest European investment ever.

”Not only does this investment confirm Denmark’s position as a world leader within green solutions and renewable energy technology. The investment also underlines that we are indeed a very investment friendly country offering attractive business opportunities for innovative global companies,” says Mogens Jensen.

”It has been an incredible exciting and interesting task. A project of this size is something that happens once in a lifetime, and it is a unique opportunity for Denmark to showcase its strengths”, says ICT Investment Manager Bent Hessen-Schmidt with Invest in Denmark at ICDK in Silicon Valley.

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