FinTech in North America – A Disruptive Affair

Millennials, the generation born between 1980 and 2000, is a generation of more than 80 million people, and it is the biggest generation in American history. One of the implications of this generation is their view on banking, and especially how the banking industry is next up for disruption due to unmet needs and dissatisfaction. For example are all four of the leading banks in the US among the ten least loved brands by Millennials, and one in three is open to switching banks in the next 90 days.

The disruption of banking is already happening, and at Innovation Center Denmark we have recently written a white paper focused on the development of new financial solutions within the FinTech space. FinTech is the condensed term for financial technology, and it describes the new business area spanning the intersection of financial and technological services and products.


The purpose of our white paper is to provide the reader with a general knowledge of the trends, technologies and companies within the Fintech space in North America. Specifically, the paper is zooming in on trends within Lending, Wealth management, Payments and Transfers. Furthermore, we do also touch upon the fundamental systemic changes enabled by Blockchain and Regulation. If you have not read it already, you can find our previous blog post about Blockchain here.

The white paper was conducted by Søren Gyde, Innovation and Investment Associate, Line Rodil, Innovation Advisor and Anders B. Christjansen, Senior Innovation Advisor.

At Innovation Center Denmark we provide various corporate innovation services within FinTech through our XPLOREit platform. If you wish to learn more, please reach out to Anders at

Launch of the brand new XPLOREit initiative


XPLOREit is the new corporate innovation service powered by Innovation Centre Denmark in Silicon Valley. XPLOREit is designed to help you accelerate your innovation capabilities. Through the three phases of EXPLORE, ENGAGE and ESTABLISH we will challenge your current ways of conducting innovation regardless of the innovation happening in your R&D department. Focus is your product development or at your strategic level defining new business models and value propositions. Let’s XPLOREit together! Read more at and set-up a meeting with one of our advisors to get started.

Brave new world

When the first settlers sought towards the new world of America they dreamed of freedom and of finding themselves a western land of milk and honey. A land where imagination and creative urge meant more than family and inherited fortune. A land where every man had the opportunity of making something of himself through good faith, and hard work.

XPLOREit service overview,

In the markets of today it is not enough to act on a basis of good faith, and to keep up the hard work that you have always performed. If you do just that, you are in danger of being caught in a blazing prairie fire in the shape of a disruptive technology or a new business model burning down your entire livelihood, robbing you of your bread-and-butter.

XPLOREit is developed to help you prosper in the ever-changing landscape of technology. It is focusing on developing your adaptive innovation capabilities since these are paramount when it comes to reconfiguring your existing competencies, and staying competitive.


One of the key services in the explore phase is Technology and Business Scouting. This service is all about scouting for business, start-ups and technologies mainly in Silicon Valley. The purpose can be inspiration, search for partners, or someone to challenge your ways. By performing these scouting activities you will be one of the first to detect potential smoke in the horizon. If you are too busy conducting your everyday activities without having an eye to the horizon you will act blind-sided, and you can do no more than to just pray for a change of weather, or for a gusting wind directing the terrifying fire somewhere else.

A fire on the prairie can occur more or less out of the blue, but there are signs to look for. If your company does not hold the capabilities of recognizing such signs, and of acting in accordance to them, you now have the opportunity to turn that around. Boost your innovation capabilities with tailor made innovation workshops featuring top-tier researchers, companies and entrepreneurs. Let us help you set up a roadmap outlining the capabilities that will enable you to exploit or reconfigure your existing capabilities while at the same time explore new business opportunities.


When the settlers started to cultivate the prairie they needed help from their entire family and neighbors, when the soil was being prepared for sowing and again when it was time for harvest. They needed to engage, and engaging was key to survival. It still is that way! Engaging in new partnerships is at the essence of our Targeted Networking service. Knowing all of your neighbors is more than complicated in a globalized world. But it is worth the effort when you do get to know the ones that have the right tool that can help you excel your growing of new business ideas and ventures ensuring mutual beneficial synergies.

New settlers often learned how to get the best outcome from the experienced settlers who had already made it in the new environment. With the service of Innovation Capabilities we can help you infuse your business with new insights, and know-how on how to build, grow and prosper.

Regardless of whether you are a young or more experienced company, you can also benefit from the experience of others. With the Innovation Advisory service you can get a board of qualified advisors to help you verify your newest business idea or development projects.


After the long journey traveling to the West, settlers established themselves. With the service of Innovation Growth Garage we offer you to move into our well-established office in Silicon Valley, from where you can decide which way the wind is blowing before you decide to establish a more permanent business frontier in the Bay Area. You can choose between a virtual office, periodic use of office or a more permanent office. Contact us to get to know the details.

You know your business, and we know the ecosystem of Silicon Valley. Together we can leverage each of our main competencies, and do what we do best. When choosing Partner and Business Development as a service we become your local feet on the ground, promoting your interests and business in Silicon Valley. We scout the market for potential partners, technologies and stakeholders of interest, and we also set up meetings on your behalf. Like the single member of the family who first traveled to the new world and made sure that the family could prosper before sending for the rest, we take care of your interests and make sure that your company can accelerate in Silicon Valley.

With XPLOREit we are dedicated to your success, and to help you prosper on the markets of tomorrow by exploring, engaging and establishing yourself in the markets of today. Read more on and arrange a meeting with one of our experienced innovation advisors.

Let’s XPLOREit together!

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