Singularity University establishes new organisation in Denmark

The acknowledged think tank and educational institution Singularity University from Silicon Valley has chosen Denmark as location for its next collaborative venture. The new organisation, operating under the name SingularityU Denmark, will be located in a 5000m2 innovative environment in Copenhagen Science City and is expected to boost digitisation, innovation and entrepreneurship in Denmark.

Singularity DK
Singularity DK

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Anders Samuelsen, welcomes Singularity University to Denmark and predicts good prospects for the new innovation hub:

“When I visited Silicon Valley last week Singularity University was the first item on my agenda – and with good reason. SU bridges the gap between global challenges and technological solutions, which is important for us if we want to keep one step ahead of the future.

I am immensely pleased that SU has chosen Denmark as new innovation hub and the only second location outside Silicon Valley. It underlines that Denmark is world leading when it comes to innovation and digitisation. I am convinced that SingularityU Denmark will contribute to creating a dynamic hub for entrepreneurs, companies and researchers and prepare Denmark for the future.”

SingularityU Denmark will offer a number of educational and innovation programmes that combine the latest within exponential technology with future business areas.

According to Singularity University’s Global CEO, Rob Nail, who recently participated in the Danish government’s Disruption Council, it is no coincidence that Denmark is chosen as location for the new hub:

“Denmark is a recognized global leader in many areas of technology, including green tech, biotech, pharmaceutical sciences, telecommunications, IT, design and we all know the successes born in Denmark: LEGO, Universal Robots and Skype, to name a few. Our intent with the new business venture is to build on these achievements and create new opportunities. I was told that LEGO is short for “leg godt,” and SU wants to “play well” in Denmark.

Laila Pawlak, CEO for the new SingularityU Denmark, adds:

Being able to announce SingularityU Denmark is a huge recognition of our country. It gives us not only an opportunity to strengthen the Danish business community, it also creates a unique international position for Denmark.”  

The educational programmes will have expert faculty selected from within Scandinavia and around the world. Large corporations, SME’s, start-ups and public organisations are able to enter partnerships with SingularityU Denmark and get access to customized programs.

Innovation Centre Denmark in Silicon Valley and Invest in Denmark have close ties with Singularity University and are supporting the establishment of SingularityU Denmark.

Danes: The world’s quickest tech adopters

abstract the world Technology

From April 27th to May 1st Invest in Denmark will be present at this year´s Health Evolution Partners Summit in Laguna Niguel. This exclusive invite-only health-it conference presents a unique opportunity to access high-level decision-makers and showcase what Denmark has to offer within the rapidly growing sector of health-it services. But what is it that makes Denmark an ideal test market for high-tech US companies wanting to perfect their R&D efforts, technology implementations, business models and introduction to the market place? 

Market research undertaken by a number of universities in the U.S. and Europe shows that Danish consumers are the quickest to adopt and embrace new technologies and products. No other country in the world has consumers that are quicker to adopt new products, making Denmark the world’s best test market and an obvious place for companies worldwide to introduce new products. The studies show that while in Denmark it takes on average 3.3 years from product launch to product take-off, in countries such as Germany, France and Great Britain it takes up to 8.5 years. On Denmark’s position as the world’s best test market the leader of the project, Professor Gerrard Tellis from the University of Southern California, has stated the following:

“We were surprised to see how fast Denmark adopts new products. The Danes are not only faster than any other consumers in Europe, but also faster than consumers in the U.Ss and China to adopt new products. It indicates that Danes are more open to new ideas than others, which has great innovative strength”.

Combining that with the presence of world-class universities and hospitals working at the forefront of technological development, plus the strong medical technology cluster, Denmark is a perfect test market or placement for a test center.

Showcasing at Health Evolution Partners Summit

Showcasing the above and attending the Health Evolution Partners Summit, will be Prof. Birthe Dinesen from the University of Aalborg, who joins the session about “Care Delivery Innovation” to talk about the disruptive Danish platform “Patient@home”. This public-private platform for research and innovation projects focuses on development of welfare and healthcare technologies,
as well as new products and services that reduce the pressure on healthcare and homecare services, and empower patients to receive integrated care in their own home.


Deputy Director, Jens Birk and Project Manager Theresa Høgenhaug will represent Invest in Denmark during the Summit along with Investment Manager Kristoffer Rørbæk, who is based out of the Innovation Center in Silicon Valley.

“We look forward to continue to build on our strong collaboration with Health Evolution Partners, and engage with some of the most prominent and interesting health IT companies during this year’s summit. Having Prof. Dinesen is a unique opportunity to showcase how US companies can benefit from “taking the technology to the market” and utilize a disruptive platform thriving on user driven innovation and an advanced health care system.” – Investment Manager Kristoffer Rørbæk.

For further information, please contact Investment Manager, Kristoffer Rørbæk.

Apple builds large data center in Denmark

Mogens Jensen & Torsten Nielsen

Apple has announced the establishment of one of the world’s largest data centers in Denmark.

The new 166.000 square meter data center, the equivalent of 25 soccer fields, is to be located in Viborg in Western Denmark and will be powered by renewable energy. Surplus heating will furthermore be recycled in the local district heating system, thereby minimizing negative environmental impact. It is estimated that the surplus heat generated by the data center, approximately 300,000MW, will be enough to heat the entire city of Viborg.

Denmark’s renewable energy policy and strong clean tech cluster have played an important role in the investment decision. “Apple is universally recognized as one of the world’s leading companies with a long track record of developing cutting-edge products and services. I am delighted that Denmark can offer an innovative and sustainable data centre solution, powered by renewable energy,” says Mogens Jensen, Denmark’s Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation.

Apple’s biggest European investment

Apple’s new data center will be located in Viborg municipality and constructed over a ten year period, along with a similar data center to be located in Ireland. Together, the two new data centers will be among the largest data centers in the world. The total value of the investment exceeds one billion euro, Apple’s biggest European investment ever.

”Not only does this investment confirm Denmark’s position as a world leader within green solutions and renewable energy technology. The investment also underlines that we are indeed a very investment friendly country offering attractive business opportunities for innovative global companies,” says Mogens Jensen.

”It has been an incredible exciting and interesting task. A project of this size is something that happens once in a lifetime, and it is a unique opportunity for Denmark to showcase its strengths”, says ICT Investment Manager Bent Hessen-Schmidt with Invest in Denmark at ICDK in Silicon Valley.

Denmark the best European country for business!


According to a new World Bank ”Doing Business 2015” report Denmark is the easiest country in Europe to do business in – for the 4th consecutive year!

So if you are looking for a smooth way to set up business in Europe, consider moving your business to Denmark. Not only is it ranked the best country in Europe, Denmark has also improved on the global Top 5, moving from 5th to 4th in the world behind only Singapore, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

“I am very happy that the World Bank considers Denmark the easiest place in Europe to do business. The ranking confirms that Denmark offers one of the world’s most dynamic and efficient business environments”, says Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation, Mogens Jensen.

Danish regulation supports businesses

The report presents quantitative indicators on 11 areas of business regulation, including how easy is it to start a business, obtaining building permits and registering property as well as power supply, credit, taxation and trade restrictions.

Recognizing that sound business regulations are fundamental to a top performing economy, the economies that perform well in the Doing Business rankings are not those with no regulation, but rather those whose governments have managed to create rules that facilitate interactions in the marketplace without needlessly hindering the development of the private sector. This year the metrics for measuring the 11 areas of business regulation have been refined to include a higher emphasis on regulatory quality. (read more here)

9000 local experts, 189 world economies

Since 2005 the World Bank’s annual Doing Business report has measured business regulation as a central element of a good investment climate, resulting in the Ease of Doing Business Index. It is based on the inputs of more than 9,000 local experts that compare business regulation in 189 economies in the world.

3rd best at attracting investments
It is not only in the area of attracting business that Denmark excels; IBM’s Global Location Trends Report 2014, concluded that Denmark is the world’s third best at attracting investments and creating projects within R&D, in high-value life sciences, ICT and business services.


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