New interns at Innovation Center Denmark

We are happy to present four new interns at Innovation Center Denmark. Through a hard selection process, these four Danish Master’s students made it through the narrow gap – welcome guys!

Magnus, Henriette, Philip and Lasse

Lasse, Information and Communications Technology
My name is Lasse Chor, and I will be part of the ICT team, helping Danish and American companies within the ICT area connect for mutual benefits. At Aarhus University, I am enrolled as a Master’s student of Information Studies – specializing in IT and Entrepreneurship. In my early career I have been involved in a three startups in the music and web industry.

Philip, Research and Development

My name is Philip Schur Rørvig and I am joining the R&D team this fall, helping Danish researchers establish new connections and alliances with universities and research institutions in California. I am from Copenhagen and a M.Sc. Engineering student within the area of Design and Innovation at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Beside my studies I have worked at the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and collaborated with UNICEF supply division regarding product development. I enjoy all kinds of sports especially running, golfing and snowboarding. I love to cook and I am always up for a get together.

Magnus, Cleantech

I’m Magnus Tranum Mortensen and I will be joining the Cleantech team at Innovation Center Denmark. I am doing a Master’s program of Organizational Innovation & Entrepreneurship at CBS. I hope to use some of the tools I got from my first year, especially with a keen eye on business model innovation. What first got me into cleantech was an interest in the Electric Vehicle industry, but I’m quickly learning that cleantech has a lot more to offer, especially in Silicon Valley.

I simply love San Francisco and I can’t wait to explore the music scene and the nature surrounding the Bay Area.

Henriette, Invest in Denmark

My name is Henriette Schultz Kirkegaard. I joined the Invest in Denmark team in end-July. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Communication from CBS and is about to finish my Masters degree in Management of Innovation and Business Development from CBS. During my Master studies, I have specializing in Life Sciences and have worked in the pharmaceutical industry for some years. I look forward to explore the exciting and fast-paced business environment in Silicon Valley.

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