Denmark the best European country for business!


According to a new World Bank ”Doing Business 2015” report Denmark is the easiest country in Europe to do business in – for the 4th consecutive year!

So if you are looking for a smooth way to set up business in Europe, consider moving your business to Denmark. Not only is it ranked the best country in Europe, Denmark has also improved on the global Top 5, moving from 5th to 4th in the world behind only Singapore, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

“I am very happy that the World Bank considers Denmark the easiest place in Europe to do business. The ranking confirms that Denmark offers one of the world’s most dynamic and efficient business environments”, says Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation, Mogens Jensen.

Danish regulation supports businesses

The report presents quantitative indicators on 11 areas of business regulation, including how easy is it to start a business, obtaining building permits and registering property as well as power supply, credit, taxation and trade restrictions.

Recognizing that sound business regulations are fundamental to a top performing economy, the economies that perform well in the Doing Business rankings are not those with no regulation, but rather those whose governments have managed to create rules that facilitate interactions in the marketplace without needlessly hindering the development of the private sector. This year the metrics for measuring the 11 areas of business regulation have been refined to include a higher emphasis on regulatory quality. (read more here)

9000 local experts, 189 world economies

Since 2005 the World Bank’s annual Doing Business report has measured business regulation as a central element of a good investment climate, resulting in the Ease of Doing Business Index. It is based on the inputs of more than 9,000 local experts that compare business regulation in 189 economies in the world.

3rd best at attracting investments
It is not only in the area of attracting business that Denmark excels; IBM’s Global Location Trends Report 2014, concluded that Denmark is the world’s third best at attracting investments and creating projects within R&D, in high-value life sciences, ICT and business services.


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