U.S. Educators want DK collaboration

Innovation Centre Denmark has surveyed how interested American educational institutions are when it comes to furthering Danish-American educational and research collaboration. The comprehensive survey is based on inquiries to more than 250 American institutions representing over 1000 college and university campuses. The good news is that a staggering 78% of responding institutions express an interest in creating or extending ties to Danish educational institutions.

Width and DepthUS map
These institutions provide interested Danish institutions with access to 600 potential education and research partner institutions. The interested American institutions represent the width and depth of the American educational system alike. Thus, the interested American institutions include several top public and private research universities, colleges catering towards specific professional programs and technical and sectorial institutions targeting engineering and maritime education.

An Agenda of Internationalization
Internationalization of educational activities is a topic garnering much attention politically as well as at the institutional level. Well-functioning research and educational collaborations provide students and researchers with access to foreign research communities and serve to attract international talent. By 2020, ambitious goals for the internationalization of Danish educational institutions have been set; the goals include a 50 percent increase in the number of Danish graduates having studied or done an internship abroad. 2020 is also the year where the aim is to have 20 percent of new international students come from countries outside EU.

An increase in staff exchanges, strategic partnerships and a general internationalization of Danish learning environments are also on the drawing board. The forthcoming ICDK paper will be a tool for Danish educational institutions to address these goals.

For more information contact Research & Development Associate, Asger Klocker.

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