Three Exciting and Very Different Companies Represented Denmark at the Nordic Cleantech Showcase

Innovation Center Denmark teamed up with Cleantech Scandinavia and our colleagues from the other Bay Area Nordic organizations to bring 11 of the most promising cleantech startups for a week of pitch training, networking, and company visits, culminating with the Cleantech Open Forum and our own Nordic Cleantech Showcase.

Of the 11 early and growth-stage companies, three were from Denmark and target three very different markets, Black Silicon Solar, Me-Mover, and One Heat.

Black Silicon Solar

Black Silicon Solar reduces the price of silicon solar cells by 10% through an alternative texturing process using nanostructures. In addition to lowering manufacturing cost the technology will reduce production times, toxic chemicals, and the amount of silicon that goes into each solar cell while at the same time raising efficiency.

The two young founders, Rasmus Davidsen from the Danish Technical University, and Hjalmar Nilsonne from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, already won 1st prize in Venture Cup this year, and made it all the way to the final six in the Global Forum.


The Me-Mover is essentially a step machine on wheels. The Chief Mover Jonas Eliasson – since he is the tallest guy in the company – presented this three-wheeled, pedal-driven vehicle that also turns into a trolley that can be brought along on public transport. The main point of the Me-Mover is to get users to skip the car in city commutes and get them outside with a healthy and fun new mode of transportation.

See the Me-Mover in action here.


One Heat

One Heat, represented by Tor Reedtz and Brian Jensen, has a new technology for instant, tank-less water heaters. One Heat is able to heat water at a never-before seen rates and clean the water at the same time. Thus One Heat’s platform technology holds promise in many different market  applications.

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