Fun Fact: Top 10 Mistakes Danes Make Speaking English

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In general, Danes speak English very well. In fact, Denmark was ranked number one in the 2014 EF English Proficiency Index, which ranks non-native speaking countries based on the average level of English skills among adults.

But despite Danes mastering the English language, some linguistic pitfalls are inevitable. These are traps most non-native speakers will be able to relate to. After all, some ideas and thoughts are most easily expressed in your native tongue.

Kay Zander Mellish, an English-language communication consultant, has posted a list of the 10 most common mistakes Danes make in English – and which they happily repeat over and over and over again without realizing how it gives them away.

If you are either Danish – or ever listened to Danes express themselves in English – you probably noticed some of these.

Top 10 Mistakes Danes Make in English:

  • Talking about “my private economy”
  • Thinking competent is a compliment
  • Adding “ETC.” to every single list
  • Spelling “lose” with two “O”s
  • Confusing learn with teach, or loan with borrow
  • Confusing fun with funny
  • Mixing customer and costumer
  • Saying “I’ve tried” to describe unplanned experiences
  • Using “already” to describe a future event
  • Translating “derfor” and “hermed” directly

Click here to delve deeper into every single one.

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