What will the future internet look like and is it possible to build micro systems on the surface of an eye?

Monday January 30th, 2012 the 3rd Annual Workshop on Photonic Technologies and Applications will launch at UC Berkeley, CITRIS.

Danish and US experts within research and industry will join forces in an attempt to advance the development of Photonic Technologies for Communications and Biophotonics. Together with Stanford UniversityUC BerkeleyThe Technical University of Denmark and Aalborg University we have put together an exciting meeting with speakers from around the world. As the main themes are communications and biophotonics, topics include wireless high-speed communication and how to utilize optical methods in biological regis.

Amongst the many extremely knowledgeable speakers the talented Jan Liphardt will on Tuesday give a Keynote Adress on his latest research on Multiscale imaging of biological form and function.  Read more about the workshop here

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