Grundfos Cuts the Ribbon to Innovative Water Technology Center

Niels Due Jensen, Chairman of Grundfos Pumps Cuts the Ribbon

On September 20, Grundfos Chairman, Niels Due Jensen, unveiled Grundfos’ Water Technology Center in Fresno, California. The center will set the standard in water technology throughout the world as well as benefit the entire region, said Ashley Swearengin, Mayor of Fresno.

The Water Technology Center will primarily focus on innovative product research in irrigation and other uses for water. However, Grundfos is also opening up towards the industry and invites researchers and entrepreneurs to test and prototype their ideas. Further incubation and funding possibilities will also play a key part, and researchers will be able to take advantage of Grundfos’ strategic partnerships with the International Center for Water Technology at Fresno State University, the Central Valley Business Incubator, and PureSense, Climate Minder, Aquacue, and others.

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