If Apple Watch says stand, I stand

By Henrik Bo Larsen, ICDK Director of Business Development

The first step to change is awareness….

One of the most interesting aspects of the new Apple Watch is how the watch would be able to actually impact the behavior of the user. A recent study by Wristley Insight has studied in details how the Apple Watch impacts the health, exercise and lifestyle of the user. 990 users have responded to a survey about their health behaviors while using the Apple Watch.

More than 78% agreed or strongly agreed that since getting the watch, they are more aware of their overall health. In addition, many of the responders have already made changes with 78% agreeing or strongly agreeing that they stand more, 67% walk more, 57% exercise more and 59% make better overall health choices.

The second step is acceptance….

That so many respondents indicate change in behavior is very interesting. This finding addresses one of the real problems of prevention and lifestyle change. During my time dealing with this challenge in health care, I have never seen results this strong of a behavior change tool. The study shows that the watch can motivate people to make changes. The users become aware of their health situation and by accepting the situation, they become motivated to pursue changes.

… final step is action

These results should interest everyone working in health care. A simple measurement on your activity level combined with an intelligent and gentle reminder of your actual behavior will make you aware and start the process of change. If the numbers can be replicated in a larger study, this will have a clinical relevant impact on the ones that wear the watch consistently to make a permanent lifestyle change.

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