Smart Buildings: a prospect to future workspaces

Smart buildings

Smart Buildings event, Feb 16 2016, hosted by VLAB in Silicon Valley.

By Andreas Rafn & Stine Drøgemüller


Smart Building technology using Internet of Things (IoT) and data analytics allows companies to design and operate intelligent work environments. This technology can be a necessity to implement in order to respond to an aging workforce, shifting customer demands and an evolving landscape of technology.

Moreover, Smart Buildings using Big Data, IoT etc. can be used to increase (in prioritized order):

  1. Productivity
  2. Health
  3. Energy savings

Productivity and health are major and increasingly important topics as workforce are the most expensive ”asset” found within a company. According to Comfy, it accounts for approximately 90% of a buildings overall lifetime cost. Salary and benefits for workers are the largest cost of running a building. Therefore, an increase in effectiveness concerning these topics has huge potential.

As one of the presenters stated: ”We see a clear correlation between energy-savings in our buildings and the effectiveness and measureable sales our workers are completing”. Hence, productivity and workforce are major assets in the overall perspective of the price of commercial real estate, whereas energy costs only account for a very limited part of the budget.


According to the presenters at the event last night, the market of Smart Buildings has huge potential. The market is expected to grow by $200B by 2020. The largest barriers of success is to ’break’ the current locked path of the market and actually sell your product to the right people.

Advice for companies is therefore: Get out of the basement! IoT has only just started. Cyber security will be one of the main topics of IoT the next years…

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