Startup Weekend in Denmark – Want to start a business in just 54 hours?

“It is truly a special kind of people who attend Startup Weekend – Who else will come in and work through their whole weekend.. And pay for it!” Alex Farcet, moderator Aarhus Startup Weekend!

The concept of Startup Weekend is to bring people from diverse backgrounds and skill sets together and let them form a business by doing hands-on work in just 54 hours. They compete to develop the idea throughout the weekend to win the main prize of 10.000 DKR (Approximately 1700$). It is a concept that is held in many cities worldwide, and some pretty successful startups have been created from Startup Weekend.

Last weekend around 70 motivated and excited participants went to Incuba Science Park in Aarhus for Aarhus Startup weekend. On Friday night they had to pitch a business idea to work with through the weekend. 41 ideas were pitched and a total of 11 teams were formed. Saturday the teams worked to develop the ideas and received valuable feedback and advice from different experiences entrepreneurs and experts. Sunday was presentation day! And the teams worked up to 5 pm when they gave their best 3 minute pitches in front a jury, who then selected the idea with the best business potential.

The winner of Aarhus Startup Weekend was the idea (and future company) called Shogoo – who created an indoor map application for retail shops to make it easier for the consumer to go shopping. The award for most innovative idea went to Liveresult (App for small mobile surveys) and best pitch went to (A bookmark service – which let your share only important text)

This was definitely a promising weekend for some potential new companies. The winning team is of course off to a head start with their 1st prize and there is potential for many of the other ideas as well. So far 5 teams from Aarhus Startup Weekend have confirmed that they are proceeding with their idea from the weekend an will try to make it into a business!

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit this is a unique chance to meet cool people who share this spirit and a way try out some of your ideas. So, to all of you that are interested to try this yourself, there are still a few spots left for Copenhagen Startup weekend from the 25-27 February.. So sign up for it – It is an awesome experience. – See pictures and video from the event – Read more about the concept and history

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