Startupbus! So far, 20 hours of pitching, group forming, idea validation and pure hacking!

Startupbus! A crazy idea with a crazy vision! I am on the San Francisco bus (this is Søren, the ICT intern writing). The Startupbus is a hackathon happening on 6 buses going across the country (from San Francisco (me), Silicon Valley, Chicago, New York, Miami and Cleveland). We are 160 young entrepreneurs who are all heading to South By South West (SXSW) in Austin. To get a grasp of what we are doing, read these articles from today by Keith Axline (Wired) and Daniel Terdiman (cnet) – both guys are on my bus.

People on the bus are from all over. We have literary people from all over the world! I met a guy who flew in from Hungary, one from England, 3 from Australia and one from Taiwan. So me being danish is nothing special. I love that!

I basically joined the bus to build a FNAC (Feature Not A Company). I found a cool Icelandic guy that I wanted to hack with, and we formed the team with 3 others. The idea was to build a “geo-notify-app”. The app was simply to warn you (or someone else) when you were X minutes away from your desired destination. If you, like me, often take the train or the bus to work, you could be in the risk of falling asleep. Result: missing your stop (that happened to me more than once in Denmark!). The alarm would fix that. The app could also work external, so it would send a text to my girlfriend when I were 15 minutes away from final destination (ex train station). She would then have time to come by and pick me up: wuhuuu! So, a nice little FNAC! This could easily be build before arriving in Austin – you buying it for 0.99 cents on Android or iPhone.

Then happened, what I have seen happening before, on these trips. The vision of the team was not clear! A few of the guys wanted to build a service (a more long-lasting product that would take further development), and we ended up by going for that. To make a long story short: I will get back to you on that tomorrow! I am simply not yet sure of we are trying to develop (which makes me a little sad… I WANT TO BUILD!).

But! Fun times, inspiring people, crazy bumping bus, to much red bull and 20 hours of work today. I have to be up in 5 hours, so, gotta go! (sleep is key)


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