Startupbus rocked the techworld!

… sorry for the late blog followup! I got to caught up in being a buspreneur and attending SXSW – more on the last subject later!

My team got back on track. We ended up by going for the geo alarm concept, naming the product (app website). The app is for now only going to be build for iPhones, but I think we would love to see it on other platforms. If you are an experienced Android developer who would like to work with us, please contact me on

Though we did get far with the product, we didn’t make it to the final. The main reason is probably that the panel were stuffed with investment hungry VC’s who likes products with a huge vision and a potential large market (which makes sense – they are VC’s). So, our FNAC didnt belong in the final – these 7 teams did (out of forty-something teams).

The winner(S!) of the whole thing were from “the 2 hottest tech regions in the US” (expressed by panel) – Silicon Valley and New York.

From Silicon Valley the team named WalkIn build an iPhone/iPad/Android app for restaurants. The app is pretty simple – at least in terms of the problems it solves: LINES! With this app you sign up at the restaurant, discotheque, museum or where ever there is a line, to be nicely lined up in a perfect chronological order – on your personal handheld device. Yes, things can be done that simple! No more standing there feeling dumb and wasting your time – start enjoying your surroundings WHILE your waiting. This video will show you the simplicity of their app.

From the New York Startupbus TripMedi takes all the information available about medical tourism – provides experiences, quality of facilities, prices, ease of travel, and puts it in a simple format that anyone can understand. Their business model is mainly build upon referral feed  – mainly known as affiliate marketing in the webworld – and is known for pretty large margins (10-20% of actual bought product – and operations ARE expensive). Watch this video and learn about their product.

Congratulations to WalkIn and TripMedi. YOU DID A GREAT JOB!

In the finals I was of course cheering for the team from my bus, Bouncr. Not only because I liked these guys – I really liked their simple product. To save you from long explanations I will just say this: for e-mails. Boom! Their presentation at the finals was nothing but amazing – I have actually never seen anyone pitch anything so professional – and I have seen quiet a few pitches! They didnt win because the VC’s like money – eventually the business plans potential will do the trick. Though I personally is in the area of business development, I really like cool products. Bouncr is in that category.

Yes, Startupbus was amazing! It taught me a lot! But what it did the best: connected like minded people from all over the world! With more than 1200 people being invited and eventually signing up, only 150 people made it on the busses. This has brought us together, and I can now forever call my self a buspreneur and approach these people. I have easier access to companies such as twitter, simple geo, google and facebook (just some of the people from the busses). It is now clear to everyone: Innovation Center Denmark is a really cool place (or else I would’nt have made it on the bus..)

Finally: Click here and be impressed by the attention the bus had.


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