Two is better than one!

This blog post is actually not about an event happening in Silicon Valley, but in Denmark. But it touched upon something that people in Silicon Valley are excellent in– Networking!

You don’t start a business alone – Period! You might thinkthat you can develop the products or services by yourself; facts are different. Building startups always happens in teams with different skillsets. The good example is of course Facebook. The social network giant was started by two roommates with different skills – One having a mindset of an engineer and the other of business, and then of course a whole lot of other people helping them on the way.

People in Silicon Valley go to all kinds of different events in the hope of meeting people that in one way or the other can help them with their business. Sometimes people look for investors, business partners or just to get another view on their business idea. You might as well need a skilled developer or designer. Some events have specific content; others are just an excuse to network. Meeting up with people just to network is not very common in Denmark -but believe me, It works!

And now you have to opportunity to do the same in Denmark.

Matchmingler is the event you are looking for, happening in Copenhagen on April 2nd you’ll have to opportunity to find the partner you need for your project. Whether you have an idea or not is not relevant because you will meet other people who need your exact skillset. During the day, inspiring speakers will guide and motivate you to get ideas and find the right team!

So what are you waiting for? Go out and network!

For more info and registration go to


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