Interns wanted for Fall 2016!


Would you like to help Danish companies and organizations prosper in the intersection between science, technology, and innovation? Innovation Center Denmark, Silicon Valley, is looking for four talented and energetic interns from August 1st 2016 to January 31st 2017. Are you up for the challenge?

We are looking for interns in the areas of Innovation, Research & Development, and Investment & Innovation that are eager to learn and develop professionally as well as personally in one of the most interesting and fast paced business eco systems in the world. The knowledge, skills, and interests that you bring with you, will impact the projects you are going to work with throughout your time at Innovation Center Denmark, in which you will receive ongoing evaluation and feedback.

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Who may apply? Interns at Innovation Center Denmark must be enrolled in a Master’s program at a Danish university.

How to apply? In your application, please indicate which internship you are applying for (Innovation, R&D, or I&I), why you think you will be a good fit for the team, and how this internship fits into your overall personal and professional goals. Also, indicate if you would like to be considered for one of the other teams. Finally, please enclose CV, references, and transcripts in your application.

The application deadline is March 6th, 2016.


Meet Martin Broch Pedersen – our new Innovation Consultant

Martin B. Pedersen, new Consultant at ICDK
Martin B. Pedersen, new Consultant at ICDK

Martin Broch Pedersen has over the last 20 years worked extensively with technology and healthcare, both locally and globally. He has participated in two successful startups as well as worked as a CEO for another Danish start-up, Configit. Passion for focusing on a company’s core competences and making teams excel, as well as the ability to try out new ways, have been some of the reasons for success.

Martin also joined two larger organizations, first Tieto from Finland, which bought his first start-up, and until recently, CGI. In both organizations, Martin had the overall responsibility for delivering Healthcare-it solutions to the Danish market. Focus has been on solutions for laboratories and for electronic medical records, and next generation “citizen centric” healthcare solutions.

At Innovation Center Denmark, Martin works as a consultant focusing on Healthcare/Life Science and Tech. Martin will work with large Danish corporations and startups, and help them grow, innovate and build new business relationships using the many resources available in Silicon Valley.

Which trends and developments excite you most in Silicon Valley right now?

“From a healthcare perspective, I think the convergence of so many technologies means that we’ll see real and drastic improvements over the next 5-10 years. Both when it comes to increased quality and reduced cost.  Wearables, improved battery technology, personalized medicine, community software, internet of things are all relevant themes for the healthcare sector. Seeing companies exploiting all of these, in collaboration with healthcare providers, will lead to drastic changes – hopefully disruptions!”

Everyone in Silicon Valley has an idea of what makes the ecosystem so innovative. Of all the elements the ecosystem is made of, which ones do you think are the most important for Danish businesses to learn from?

“One thing that stands out in the successful companies is the power of the nerd! The change agents in Silicon Valley are the innovative engineer, computer scientist or the creative team. They have room to reflect and create; organizations allow great ideas to grow and get attention. They get strong support from management and they get funding and resources to take ideas to the market. Fast! Combined with a willingness to take risk – and learn from failure.

Recruiting the best possible people is another key to success – companies compete for the talent, and talents want to work with other talents. It’s simple, but for me the recruitment process is the most important process in any company, and I think companies in Silicon Valley are extremely aware of this.”

Martin holds a Master of Computer Science degree from University of Aarhus and University of Oregon, combined with a minor in economy. Martin is also an alumni from IMD business school.

Get in touch with Martin Pedersen on LinkedIn

Report Documents the Great Value SCALEit Creates for Danish Tech Companies

The new report “2015 SCALEit Survey Report” documents that the Danish incubator program in Silicon Valley, SCALEit, creates great results and value for young Danish tech companies by helping them grow, develop their potential, and create key contacts in Silicon Valley.

During a jam-packed week, the SCALEit-participants are introduced to potential investors, advisors, partners, customers, and clients, which for 44 % of the participants results in key partnerships in later stages.

Furthermore, the companies receive feedback on their product and business model. For 67 % of the participants this valuable input ends up changing or adjusting their business model or strategy, while 42 % change or adjust their product.

And this is only a short excerpt of the many positive effects that the program has had for participating companies.

Overall, the survey documents an extraordinarily high level of satisfaction with the services delivered by SCALEit among the participating companies. Generally, the participants have high expectations about what they are going in to but still 87% of them agree that the program has exceeded their expectations.

The SCALEit team is very proud of the fact that they are able to contribute towards growth and development for Danish tech companies. Rest assured that they will continue to work towards helping people who are passionate about an idea or product by showing them how to use the Valley to scale.

Click here to read the 2015 SCALEit Survey Report

If you are interested in knowing more, contact Christian Vinther:

Follow the Mothership: Stay updated on our new LinkedIn pages

Stay updated and share news on LinkedIn
Stay updated and share news on LinkedIn

As you might already know, Innovation Center Denmark in Silicon Valley is just one of seven Danish Innovation Centers across the world. In Shanghai, Munich, Sao Paolo, New Delhi, Tokyo, and Seoul it is also possible for Danish and local businesses and institutions to obtain connections between Denmark and their respective country through a local ICDK.

While we primarily consult clients, we also aim to deliver a constant, two-way stream of knowledge and inspiration  – inspiration that can be used no matter whether you plan to use our professional services or not. We do this because we are in the quite unique position of being aware of new developments in the industry-leading countries we are represented in as soon as they happen. This gives us an insight easily taken for granted locally but of greatest interest back home.

The Innovation Centers all receive support from Denmark, all over the country we have staff representing entities ranging from Invest in Denmark employees to legal advisors and research affiliates.

Follow the mothership!

To support this structure, we have rearranged our LinkedIn-presence. From now on, we have a main Innovation Center Denmark company page that will post material relevant for stakeholders all over the world, as well as in Denmark (the motherboard, you can call it). This includes descriptions of Denmark’s Medicon Valley, opportunities for research funding, and trends within the international companies settling in Denmark.

From that page, the Silicon Valley center has a showcase page, where specific site relevant material is posted. That could for instance be reports on the biogas export potential in California, or a summary of the most important issues within the future of industries as banking or robotics.

As a wrap-up of this small blog entry, we will of course recommend you to head straight to your LinkedIn-profile, and start following our new show-case page. You can of course also stay ahead of the game by visiting our blog (you already know this one!), or signing up for our newsletter.

P.S. And as a small teaser: the coming month will include updates on the exactly mentioned Californian biogas-potential, as well as a state-of-the-art description of Smart Cities.

The future of banking payments

Today’s banking is undergoing a transformation so rapid, that most players still lack to see the full potential impact from this disruption taking place! And to spice that up even more, the threat or as I tend to call it – the opportunities are coming from various angles….

Banking payments

Deep down banking, or rather transaction management, is driven by a few and important statements around:

  • a secure environment
  • a high level of trust
  • a known set of regulations are in place
  • long term customer relationships is custom

… and still today, a high level of face-to-face interaction to enhance most of the above mentioned is preferred by a majority of customers.

What drives user adoption forward?

Combining the above core needs with todays market place, the traditional view on banking is rapidly upgraded by the users for several good reasons. Which location, organization or even brand could take the lead on meeting the basic needs of transaction management? From what angle is the challenger coming from? A local or global player? As an example, Facebook released their latest version of Messenger this week in the US. Even with only a regional roll out in the US and Canada area, that suddenly enables 159 million daily active Facebook users to initiate a seamless peer to peer transaction, using the Messenger platform (which they already have a preference for, when potentially making calls, sending texts, etc.)

Another important issue when talking #FinTech etc. is to define what kind of banking we are talking about? In reality, several layers of “banking” are to be challenged going forward.

  • Peer to Peer payments
  • Online shopping
  • Mortgages
  • Loans
  • Retirement funds
  • Major life investments

Most Venture Capital companies in the Valley have their eyes on this industry, since ruling this space, means changing the game. One of the most recent articles I find really interesting and with a great overview of the market is from CB Insights

The world of personal finance is getting more personal

It is becoming evident that personal finance matters more in recent years, than ever before. A trend towards more personal transparency and data driven insight to your personal finances is clearly emerging as we speak. The smartphone and the related app world has had a major influence, and next up are areas like personal wearables etc. A company like Moven has introduced a “fitness tracker for your financial health” introducing a personalized and gamified world around tracking your expenses and link them to your own personal goals in life. A user scenario could be: I wanna travel to Rome in the fall of 2015, and I know the cost for that. If I keep up the current consumption of Cafe Lattes from Starbucks, Moven spending tracker will tell me by how much I will postpone this trip. As one out of many, the Moven app also resides in the latest Android wearable watches from Google and Motorola. Not a wallet, not a phone….but a personal financial companion around your wrist. We are only getting started, and a lot of research and development is put into this area, also in Silicon Valley.

Denmark, Silicon Valley and the rest of the world

In Denmark we have experienced a major impact from players like Danske Bank with MobilePay as well as the other banks with Swipp. What happened when easy to use services were introduced to the Danish market – we had a huge user adoption from day one, and it seems like sky is the limit. But where to go from here…..what is coming up next? It is always easy, for some of us, to be inspired by what technology might bring into the game, and from that angle alone, a lot is happening. Some of the latest in Silicon Valley is the strong focus on Hardware as well as Software. The focus of making a transition paper to paperless and to make the customer experience journey the best ever, simultaneously! Apple Pay has made the life easier for some, Facebook Messenger might be the solution for some and on top of that add PayPal, VISA, MasterCard and the 100’s of startups finding new ways to solve some of our daily challenges.

As a local in both Silicon Valley and Denmark, I tend to see some of the most important benefits as being; continuous innovation, curiosity, knowledge sharing and creating strategic partnerships. Given todays pace of innovation in the #FinTech world, no one has the time to invent everything yourself. The true competitive edge comes from staying on top of the both trends, major players as well as knowing where to look for up and coming startups which all bring major value into this space, every day.

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