From Nokia to Entrepreneur with ICDK!

Four start-ups founded by former employees at Nokia arrived in Silicon Valley to explore the limitless possibilities of the valley – and Innovation Center Denmark led the way.

While Nokia is for the most part leaving Denmark, they are leaving behind great buildings, excellent high-tech equipment and smart employees. They could have been like so many others and got rid of the buildings and left the employees on their own – but they didn’t.

Instead Nokia’s old Development Centre in Copenhagen will transform into Aalborg University Copenhagen’s new Innovation Center and their former employees will have the opportunity to get funding for new start-up ideas.

Four of these start-ups went to Silicon Valley, where Innovation Center Denmark setup for them a very interesting program introducing them to the necessities required to make it in Silicon Valley.

The start-ups where introduced to legal matters by some of the Valley’s most experienced lawyers. They learned how to set up a business in Silicon Valley, what was the correct “way of doing things”, how and how much to pay in taxes, how efficient confidentiality contracts are, how long it takes to start a company, and what the legislation in relation to employees is, etc.

The Innovation Center brought in a number of communication consultants to teach the start-ups the American “way” of pitching and the importance of getting it right, the first time. They learned how to present an idea to a venture capital firm: what they want to know, what they don’t want to know, in what order they want to know it and most importantly, how to ask for money.

They were also introduced to networking facilities and got a glimpse of just how important networking really is in Silicon Valley. They also met other successful start-ups from Denmark who shared their experiences with starting up businesses in Silicon Valley, and much more.

All in just one intense week.

In short they learned that going to Silicon Valley is not as easy as one might think – however, with the right guidance you can overcome the obstacles in no time!

Invest in Denmark at the Health 2.0 Conference




The Health 2.0 Conference, which is known to be the leading showcase of cutting-edge innovation within health IT, is coming up. Invest in Denmark will be attending to learn more about future health IT solutions and to connect  to potential partners that could benefit from the Danish health IT sector. The Health 2.0 conference will be held September 25th-27th and will host 30 sessions presented by 160 speakers.

More details about the event can be found at Health 2.0

Wait, what? Windows applications in the browser? Yes, Roozz is here..

It is well known that we at Innovation Center Denmark are well visited by startups from Denmark – typically with a great product and a huge potential. This week we enjoyed having Roozz at the office – a company to look out for! offer a solution that within 48 hours can convert existing Windows software and PC game titles to run in any browser with the exact same speed and performance as when installed from download or disk as it runs directly from the user’s computer. Roozz comes with a built-in payment module that allows publishers to establish a brand new way of selling their products as a pay-per-use model.
With Roozz, using software and games is as easy as watching a video on YouTube and paying for it is as easy and convenient as using iTunes.
This week they met with companies like Mozilla and VMware, but also met Patrina Mack, Bill Ezell, Brian Mellea, Jonathan Baer and Jeff Snider to discuss their strategy for the US market, as well as they participated in several events in the area.
And Roozz is really growing! Their plug-in has now been downloaded more than 100.000 times – really impressive considering its short life time. Companies using Roozz can not only extend their business model with adding their software to the web browser and monetize it exactly as they like – they can also add their products in the Google Chrome Web Store where Roozz is present with several titles of which 2 are actually among the 10 % most popular applications there. was one of 10 start-up companies selected out of 145 applicants that participated in the first European  Startupbootcamp last year – a 3 months incubator program that helped them accelerate the development of the company.  And the company has indeed been noticed: has also been selected as one of 20 promising start-ups to meet next week with Niklas Zennström (Skype founder) and his investment company Atomico in Copenhagen.
There is no doubt that is a company to look out for!

Startup Weekend in Denmark – Want to start a business in just 54 hours?

“It is truly a special kind of people who attend Startup Weekend – Who else will come in and work through their whole weekend.. And pay for it!” Alex Farcet, moderator Aarhus Startup Weekend!

The concept of Startup Weekend is to bring people from diverse backgrounds and skill sets together and let them form a business by doing hands-on work in just 54 hours. They compete to develop the idea throughout the weekend to win the main prize of 10.000 DKR (Approximately 1700$). It is a concept that is held in many cities worldwide, and some pretty successful startups have been created from Startup Weekend.

Last weekend around 70 motivated and excited participants went to Incuba Science Park in Aarhus for Aarhus Startup weekend. On Friday night they had to pitch a business idea to work with through the weekend. 41 ideas were pitched and a total of 11 teams were formed. Saturday the teams worked to develop the ideas and received valuable feedback and advice from different experiences entrepreneurs and experts. Sunday was presentation day! And the teams worked up to 5 pm when they gave their best 3 minute pitches in front a jury, who then selected the idea with the best business potential.

The winner of Aarhus Startup Weekend was the idea (and future company) called Shogoo – who created an indoor map application for retail shops to make it easier for the consumer to go shopping. The award for most innovative idea went to Liveresult (App for small mobile surveys) and best pitch went to (A bookmark service – which let your share only important text)

This was definitely a promising weekend for some potential new companies. The winning team is of course off to a head start with their 1st prize and there is potential for many of the other ideas as well. So far 5 teams from Aarhus Startup Weekend have confirmed that they are proceeding with their idea from the weekend an will try to make it into a business!

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit this is a unique chance to meet cool people who share this spirit and a way try out some of your ideas. So, to all of you that are interested to try this yourself, there are still a few spots left for Copenhagen Startup weekend from the 25-27 February.. So sign up for it – It is an awesome experience. – See pictures and video from the event – Read more about the concept and history

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