ICDK launches unique offer for Denmark’s best medicine students!

Young scientist in white uniform working in laboratory

Young scientist in white uniform working in laboratory

Who doesn’t have a semester filled with lab coats, pipettes, statistical explorations, and a world-class scientific environment on the top of their wish-list? Well, probably not the majority, but for some of the top talented Danish med students, the wish might now come true.

Clinical research training for rising stars in the life sciences received a significant boost earlier this month, with the start of the Lundbeck Foundation Clinical Research Fellowship Program—a partnership between leading medical centers in Denmark and the US and Innovation Center Denmark.

Based on an established mentorship model, the program gives Danish medical students international exposure, comprehensive clinical research training, and a highly supportive infrastructure to launch their career in medical research.

Statistics, tutoring, and lab work

One of the only programs of its kind worldwide offering formalized clinical research training for Danish medical students, the collaboration brings students from prominent medical schools (University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, Aalborg University, and the University of Southern Denmark) to San Francisco, where they are closely mentored by internationally recognized clinical researchers at the finest Med Schools in the Bay Area.

Renowned for extensive patient registries, cohorts, and population-based studies, the participating Danish institutions are ideal partners to help further advance the three California centers’ broad portfolio of cutting edge basic and clinical research.

During the program, each fellow completes one or more closely mentored clinical research projects and receives small-group teaching in research ethics, clinical study design, biostatistics, epidemiology, research presentation, and manuscript writing, and submits a first-author manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal.

More from ICDK: US Educators want Danish collaboration.

Few programs of this kind exist with a validated program infrastructure and mentor program that allows the students to ‘hit the ground running’.

While the Danish students benefit from working in an international setting, mentors in Denmark and California medical centers are inspired by the passion and new ideas that students bring to their work. Often, the fellows help form valuable, lasting global collaborations, as evidenced by international grant applications to the National Institutes of Health and European Union funding agencies.

It is expected that the first 6-10 of the stellar Danish students will be in the Bay Area top Med Schools from the summer of 2015 following a rigorous applications process.

Read more about the program here [in Danish].

SOPA Demonstration in San Francisco

This Wednesday, Silicon Valley legend and top angel investor Ron Conway joined the tech community of San Francisco in a protest against SOPA. The mob had gathered outside of San Francisco city hall to show their dissatisfaction with latest development in the SOPA controversy. Here is a short clip of the speech Conway gave.

The protesters were also joined by San Francisco’s Director of Innovation, Jay Nath, who took the lowtech stage consisting of a box and a 15-watt guitar amp with a letter from mayor Ed Lee. In this letter, Lee stated that San Francisco couldn’t support SOPA in it’s current version.

All in all, over 100 people was present this cold California afternoon to show their support, making this demo one of the largest internet/tech demos I’ve seen for a long time – one can only guess if we’ll have more of its kind the coming years.

Præsentationer fra Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco

Årets Web 2.0 Expo løb af staben i San Francisco tidligere på måneden. Temaet for årets konference var ”The Power of Less”. På deltagerantallet og atmosfæren var der tydeligvis ikke den samme feststemning som ved tidligere års Expo’s, men alt i alt var det en god og på sin vis en mere moden konference, der viste at branchen har forstået, at der skal være substans og…. en forretningsmodel bag, ja selv en Web 2.0 virksomhed!

Tim O’Reilly, der står bag Web 2.0 Expo og er kendt for at være manden bag Web 2.0 begrebet, holdt den første dag sin hovedtale, hvor han gav sit bud på hvad fremtiden inden for Web. Se hele videoen nedenfor.

Et andet meget interessant indlæg, der fangede min opmærksomhed, var en samtale med to unge iværksættere fra virksomheden Threadless, der har formået at lave en successfuld forretning omkring Crowdsourcing; et t-shirt community hvor folk designer, bedømmer og køber tshirts. Samtalen er ekstremt underholdende og de er fuldstændig ærlige omkring de fejl og mangler der har haft gennem de ti år de har opbygget virksomheden til en stor success med 1 mill. brugere og en successfuld forretningsmodel. Se selv interviewet her.


Du kan finde alle præsentationer og videoer fra de tre dages konference følgende steder:

Web 2.0 Expo hjemmeside

Videoer: blip.tv

Slides: SlideShare

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