The Road to a 100% Renewable Energy System

The California-Denmark Summer School on Renewable Energy is happening right now and the following three weeks. Students and researchers from both sides of the pond interact and develop hands-on projects that target today’s energy problems. The summer school was launched with a 2 days kick off workshop “The Road to a 100% Renewable Energy System”, where more than 100 researchers and industry experts discussed the needs and limitations for implementing a 100 % renewable energy system – both from a technical, socio-economical and behavioral aspect.

We are very happy with the workshop. All participants made a ton of new connections and new alliances have been formed across the Atlantic. As a consequence, we expect to see a flurry of exchange between Denmark and California in the near future. Some of the key points and benefits mentioned by “going 100 pct. renewable” were the increasing job opportunities in renewable energy planning and the potential long term environmental as well as economical benefits. A devoted attitude from California shined through with optimism and admiration as one of the organizers closed the workshop stating: “Lets learn from Denmark. If they can do it, so can we!”

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