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In our ongoing “What are they doing today?” series, we caught up with Sune Sonne Andersen, who was ICDK’s intern in 2010. Today he is the Chief Product Officer at Tweakker providing a platform that lets mobile providers and device manufacturers easily connect their customers’ devices to Internet, MMS and E-mail services.

Sune Sonne Andersen

Twitter: @SuneSonne

LinkedIn Profile

Former position: ICT Associate (2010)

Present position: Chief Product Officer at Tweakker


We asked Sune a few questions about past and present:

Why did you work at ICDK in Silicon Valley back then?

I worked together with ICDK deputy director Lene Sjørslev Schulze in bridging IT start-ups and established companies from Denmark with the right people and companies in Silicon Valley. Some Danish companies already have a representation in Silicon Valley and others are there for short and intensive stays facilitated by ICDK. The services that ICDK offers Danish companies all focus on finding the right opportunities for collaborations between DK and CA, and it was my role to facilitate the meeting between the two cultures and discover the great individual potential. Even though Denmark is small, we have unique competencies within the two fields I worked with: IT and Health Technology. When building a relationship to CA it’s important to fathom the unique culture of Silicon Valley – dream big, and don’t be afraid to fail – and we took great care in getting this message back to Denmark to prepare Danish companies for their stay in CA.

Other than working on the ongoing services for Danish companies, I also worked on designing and planning an ambitious conference; Future of Health Innovation that took place at Stanford University. Through an immense effort we were able to gather important stakeholders from Denmark’s health sector and marry these with their US counterparts. The result was a conference that received high remarks from participants. A new health care bridge was established between DK and CA!


What do you do today?

Today, I work for the Danish start-up Tweakker. We provide software solutions to connect mobile phones to carriers’ data networks – this technology has traditionally been locked in complicated telecom infrastructure, and we’re changing this to make it available through cloud apps and integrated smartphone apps. The Telecom market is undergoing rapid change as more carriers offer new service, and thousands of so-called MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) come to market. Our patent pending technology will connect devices to any data network world-wide and we’ve sold this technology to MVNOs and OEMs worldwide – also in the US.

In my role as Chief Product Officer, I’m responsible for our product conception, development and delivery. This role is very versatile and I need to use my skills to build our product team and also understand the requirements from current and future customers.


What did you achieve during your internship at ICDK? 

– A super network of friends and business contacts in Silicon Valley.

– Being part of the most efficient start-up and high-tech ecosystem in the world.

– Learning to surf and to dream big!

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