VIDEO: The Apple iPad 2 released! (edited on iPad 2)

There is ALWAYS extreme hype, rumors and attention connected to the release of certain Apple products – especially the iPhone and iPad. At this years SXSW, Apple launched the iPad on Friday, March 11th. Totally not in sync with their regular Tuesday rollouts.

Supposedly this was because it was Steve Jobs birthday. I don’t believe that! A few days after Apple launched the iPad, a story emerged about a brand new, only to be there for SXSW, pop-up store in Austin. This shop would be there for the 10 day period of SXSW – and THEN CLOSE! Can you imagine the cost of flying in your best sales people, equipment, renting the hottest facilities on 6th street, and then CLOSE?

SXSW has that much influence on the buzz! In the first day, only the Apple store on 5th avenue in New York sold more iPads. At day 2, only THIS shop had any iPads left. And when I left on Wednesday – the line was still heavy (I personally stood in line 3.5 hours on day #1. Apple fanboy, I know).

Enjoy this little video about my experience, and my time in the shop with my personal Apple guide.



iPad 2 launch at South by Southwest from Søren Therkelsen on Vimeo.

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